What Is An Industrial Accident Compensation Claim?

Industrial accident compensation insurance is a type of coverage that almost all companies within the UK have. Employers that possess the adequate insurance are liable to pay all insurance premiums. The premiums are calculated according to the company’s annual earnings. The value of the coverage varies from 0.3 percent to 10.3 percent, based off of the overall income of the company that is providing coverage.

Industrial related accidents can happen at any time, regardless what your current work situation or profession may be. Roughly 25,000 people within the UK are injured in serious industrial accidents. The injuries that these individuals sustain can range from minor pain and discomfort, which causes an individual to be unfit for employment, all the way, and in some cases can lead to serious death or injury. If you have been the victim of a serious industrial accident, then there is a possibility that you may be entitled to a form of compensation.

Using a No Win No Fee Solicitor for Accident Claims

Compensation that results from the accident claim will typically be awarded if proof can be made that someone else is responsible for an employee’s accident. The individual who is to blame for the accident is typically going to be a fellow employee, the employer, or another company that’s performing duties on the same premises as the employee’s employer. However, be aware, that even if the employer is not responsible for what has happened to you, it is possible that you may still be entitled to receive some sort of compensation for your injuries.

It is important that the right no win no fee solicitor is chosen to represent you for your claim. Doing your research will help you ensure that a no win, no fee solicitor is going to be able to perform the duties that you need to get compensated. There are a lot of solicitors to choose from, therefore, finding one will not be an issue, but finding the best one to adhere to your needs, can be fairly daunting.

Types of Industrial Related Accidents

There are a variety of industrial accidents that can occur within the workplace. These accidents can occur in varying severities that range from minor to severe. Minor injuries may require an employee to take a few days off of work, in order for the body to repair itself. However, severe injuries can cause an employee to be unable to return to work.

Trips or falls are one of the most common types of industrial accidents that can occur. Anything that can cause an employee to trip or fall over something makes the employer liable for a law suit. Perhaps, there is an item that has been left on the floor, that an employee falls over, or perhaps a machine was moved without any employee’s knowledge. All of these factors come into play when submitting a claim that involves an employee tripping or falling.

Another accident that can occur is if an employee is struck by a falling object. In industrial atmospheres, employees may be asked to fetch things from higher shelves. This instance can be a minor occurrence or a severe one, based on what object has fallen.

Cave-ins can occur along with collapsing of the earth or rock, or any type of defective wall. In these types of instances, an employee will be injured severely. Stepping or being struck by objects is another instance where an accident can occur. Ingesting or inhaling harmful substances is also another common type of industrial accident that can occur, resulting in the need of a no win no fee environmental compensation claim.

There are many classifications of accidents that can happen in the workplace. However, all in all, any type of accident can be divided into two primary categories. These categories are minor and severe. Minor accidents involve something small occurring that does not cause a massive amount of damage, while severe accidents are when an injury greatly affects an employee’s way of life.